Specialty Equipment Design, Engineering, and Fabrication:
Our design team has the expertise to design, engineer, and manufacture virtually any type of specialty equipment, machinery, structural steel, etc. We will take your ideas or requirements from conception, through design and manufacturing, all the way to installation and completion.
Mining, underground, and specialty equipment designed and produced to any specification:
Our broad experience in the mining industry puts our talents at your disposal. Whether it's shaft sinking, production hoisting, or any other phase of underground mining or construction, O.J. Industries will work with you to provide you with the equipment you need when you need it.
Shaft Sinking:
Our diverse experience in every area of shaft sinking enables us to "talk your language", to communicate and transform your ideas and requirements into the most refined, versatile, and cost efective mining equipment available.

Because of O.J. Industries' many successful shaft systems and designs we can save you critical time and monay, yet still provide you with the high quality equipment you require.
Design and Fabrication:
With our "in-house" design, engineering, and manufacturing facilities, O.J. Industries can assure you of a coordinated shaft system, designed, fabricated, and assembled to precise specifications.
The Bottom Line:
If you need a complete system or just one specialized component, whether you are an owner, operator, contractor, or if your task is to create, maintain, or repair shaft equipment. O.J. Industries is here to assist you from conception, through design, all the way to completion.
Give us a call at (801) 363-3961 or email us at ojislc@aol.com
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