Mining Winch   Complete headframes with collar doors, sheaves, and dump systems. We can furnish sinking, production, or portable headframes.

  Our sheaves (7'-0" Dia. Max.) are design and manufactured by O.J. Industries to exact specifications to meet the requirements of each individual headframe. Each one is fabricated with with the highest attention to detail and safety.   Mining Sheave

Mining Cross Head   Cross heads for rope guides, furnished with torpedo latches. They can also be furnished with guide locking devices and a chairing mechanism. Guides rollers alleviate wear on the rope during dumping. Cross heads are also available for wood or steel guides.

  Inclined or vertical shaft muckers. We manufacture and repair the "Betsy", "Herman", and the in house designed "Brutus" models. Mining Sheave

Mining Galloway   Single or multiple dack galloways or work decks for small or large diameter shafts. O.J. Industries custom designs galloways to customer requirements. All galloways are shop pre-assembled to assure a perfect fit.

Man Cages:
  Single or double deck mancages and service cages. Equipped with wood or steel safety dogs. We drop test and document all of our conveyances. Mining Mancage

Skips/Muck Buckets:
Mining Muck Bucket   Bottom dump and side dump skips up to 15 ton payload, muck buckets of any size. Locking dogs can be included.

Surface and Underground Dumping/Loading Systems:
  Pneumatically or hydraulically actuated underground loading pockets and surface dumping systems. Complete with bins, chutes, and grizzlies. Mining Dumping System

Shaft Steel and Furnishings:
  Shaft steel for wood, steel, or wire rope guide systems, utility brackets, and platforms. All steel products are fabricated with attention to detail and safety.

Miscellaneous Equipment:
We supply hyraulic and pneumatic equipment, repair hydraulic cylinders, manufacture custom hydaulic cylinders, reel stands, line stringing equipment, and specialty winches. Design and manufacturing of any type of specialty construction equipment.
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